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First of all congratulations with your baby girl. Isn’t it a wonderful feelings to have a baby that you have carried to the world?Baby Holding Hands

Instantly your days of life will turn over. Because you suddenly have a little person that depends on you. You are the parent to this little girl and will do whatever you can to take care and nursering the baby to be strong and healthy.

The baby girl will need clothes and a lot of it because the baby will grow really fast. As parents you will need to go out and shopping new clothes for your newborn girl, which will take some time and effort. And maybe you don’t have the energy to think about shopping. So what can make this more easy for you without spending alots of time in stores and long queues before paying for the clothes.

My suggestion is to go online and search in Google for example – newborn baby clothes girl. Isn’t it much easier to purchase the clothes online? There are no queues and you can just order it from your office, at home on the couch or anywhere you want. My advice is to order clothes that have size bigger than your baby, then you have some room for your baby to grow into. It will also save you money.

Check out these outfits with high ratings:

Carter's_Baby_Girls_4_Pack_Bodysuits        Leveret_4-pack_Long_Sleeve_Bodysuit     Gerber_Baby-Girls'_Newborn_Two_Pack_Sleep_N_Play_Zip-Front_Sleeper

Did You Know?

  • When your newborn is stepping into the world the baby don’t really have kneecaps. Kneecaps will fully develop when it’s about after 6 months. This is why many babies don’t crawl on all fours, they rather “army crawling”.
  • All though moms may eat more during Christmas and New Year. It does not means that the baby will be heaviest when born in January. In fact the heaviest newborn is in May. With an average of 200 grams more than the other months.
  • An adult have 206 bones. Guess how many bones a newborn have? They have 300 bones , during growt bones binds together in new number. How cool is that?

What To Eat?

Carlson_Labs_Carlson_Laboratories_Super_Daily_D3_for_BabyFrom 0 – 4 months:
It is highly recommend that you breastfeed your baby at this stage. Breastmilk contains all the nutrients and fluids the baby need to grow. On the top of that it also contains immun defence for the baby. D-vitamins is not in breastmilk, you have to give it in other ways. Start with adding D-Vitamin when the baby is 4 weeks old.

From 4 – 6 months:The_Baby_and_Toddler_Cookbook__Fresh,_Homemade_Foods_for_a_Healthy_Start
When reach the 4. month your baby may now taste solid food. There is windows where the baby is very eager to taste more than other. Be aware of it and let your baby taste different tastes. Just start easy just a little teaspoon per day and then increase. You have to start easy because you have to  see the baby respond to the solid food.

Food that you could starts with is fine mashed vegetables, mashed fruites and baby porridge. Instead of adding water you can add breastmilk or mother substitude milk, the enzymes of breastmilk will help your baby to digest better. With known taste like breastmilk or substitude milk the baby will naturally find it “legit” and may encourage to eat more.

Stick with one vegetable and one fruit at the time to taste and give taste only by day time, cause you have to see how your baby react to the food.

From 6 – 8 months:
Your child is by now used to solid food. It’s time to introduce fish and meat. And remember to mash it good, we don’t want the food to choke the baby. It maybe be and idea to add butter or oil to the food, bebies need fat.

Slowly introduce new food and don’t rush it. It will be time the baby making faces and spitting the food out, don’t quit keep trying. The baby will slowly accept the new taste. When babies taste varied food at early stage it will not be very picky when your baby is older.

Cod is very easy to digest and mild, but all fish is good. The quality of the fish is important. Making fish for the babies should be so fresh as possible. Then gradually add meat. chicken and fillets by red meat of good quality.

Avocado contains vitamins and fat. It also a saturated food and perfectly meal before sleep. The baby will sleep longer because it’s not hungry.

From 8 – 12 months:
The food don’t need to be mashed any more. It can be cutted to small pieces. The baby should to be able to bite and chew with their teeth. To train their chewing skills, offer your baby bread. The babies can now eat almost everything. But there still some food you should avoid. It will be covered under.


 Food To Avoid When Your Baby Is Under ONE Year Old.Food to avoid

  • Honey – it could give your baby dangerous type of food poisoning, botulism.
  • Nuts – may stuck in the babys’ throat
  • Salt – babies kidney is not yet fully grown and the child can therefor not flush out all the salt from their bodies.
  • Raw fish, shellfish and raw meat – potensial for allergic outbreak
  • Unpasteurized milk and product make of unpasteurized milk.
  • Sugary foods, candy, juice etc.
  • Be careful with artificial sweeteners.
  • Fish liver – contains pollutants
  • Cow’s milk – milk and milk products can be use in the food, but don’t offer the baby just the cow’s milk.

Oh No, My Baby Got Fever!

Innovo_Forehead_and_Ear_Thermometer_(Dual_Mode)_-_Newly_released_on_Jan_2015__CE_and_FDA_approvedOccasionally  your baby is going to be sick, and most often with a fever. You will experience that babies will be sick more often in the first period of the kindergarden. In the kindergarden there is a new enviroment with and different bacteria and virus. But don’t worry it going to be less sickness later, the baby immune system will be stronger.

Measure the baby temperature, if the temperature is below 38,5 Celsius don’t give any medicines. Just let the immune system take care of it. Give your child alots of water, it would be wise to cook the water first and let it cool down before you serve it. Rectal thermometer is proven to be precise to measure the temperature. I recommend this one, on the left:

Temperatures equal to 38,5 Celsius or above you should give the baby paracetomol to lower the temperature. Take off clothes if the baby is warm it will also help the body to cool down. Give attention on your baby general conditions. If the baby look tired, responding slowly or very sleepy go to the doctor, don’t hestitate.

What To Do With Diarrhea?

When the baby got the diarrhea it will last for a week, note that the body is going to lose much fluid. You have to prevent dehydration of your baby by offer alots of water, right away when you detect diarrhea. I allways advise to cook the water and cool it down before serving it. This way you will kill unwanted bakterias and it’s much safer to drink.

There is many different types of virus, bacterias and parasites that can give diarrhea, especially in exotic tourist places. Rotavirus is a common cause of diarrhea in children. The infection spreads rapidly, especially among children in kinergarden. Most childrens will have at least one infection of diarrhea before they reach the age of five. There is many things you can to to prevent the infection to spread.

Diarrhea look like thin stools and the child have to frequently poop, the numbers could be three times a day. Child diarrhea can also cause vomiting, abdominal pain, mild fever and loss off appetite. The infection usually goes by itself within a few days to a week without medical treatment.

The biggest danger with diarrhea is that children can lose too much fluid and become dehydrated.

Dehydration Symptoms:

  • Excessive thirst
  • Restlessness or irritability
  • Tired sunken eyes and sinking fontanelle (the soft spot on the baby’s head)
  • Deconditioning

You should go to the doctor quickly if your child has symptoms of dehydration, is blunt and urinate less than usual.

Does your child have more than 38.5 Celsius fever or blood in the stool, it can be a sign of bacterial infection. The infection must sometimes be treated with antibiotics.

How to prevent?
Everyone in the family should washes their hands properly after using the toilet, after changeing diapers, before preparing food and before meal. Throw nappies in a hygienic manner. Keep your children away from other sick children if possible. It would be a good idea to vaccinated your child.

What can you do:
When your child has diarrhea, you must replace the fluid loss. Children can lose more fluid than you think. Avoid heavily sweetened drinks, such as cola, soda and juice. These can increase the risk that your child becomes dehydrated. Give your child normal food if the child is hungry. It is important to keep your energy up.

Pedialyte_Oral_Electrolyte_Solution,_Bubble_Gum,_1-Liter,_8_CountTips: You can blend water that contains minerals with apple juice. Mixing ratio should be 50/50. I know that I did mention to avoid juice, but if you mix this right it will help your baby to absorb fluid easier. The key to help the body to absorb fluid is to drink a combination of salt and sugar. If you are unsure about this you could take a look at this mixture of oral electrolyte solution:

Electrolyte Solution:
Electrolyte Solution prevents your child from becoming dehydrated. This is the safest treatment, and should be tried first.

Electrolyte Solution is at the pharmacy as powder or even soluble tablets that you dilute in water. There is good evidence that electrolyte solution helps to prevent and treat dehydration caused by diarrhea. They have no known serious side effects, although some children do not like the taste.

If you are breastfeeding, you should continue with this. Let the child die often and long. If your baby is still thirsty or have excessive diarrhea, give extra fluids, such as water or electrolyte solution.

If the baby take fluid of the bottle, it can continue with its usual formula. Do not dilute the milk. Give your child water or rehydration in addition to infant formula.

Small sips every five minutes is better than trying to get them to drink all at ones.

Antibiotics work only on bacterial infections, so they help not usually diarrhea. Doctors not recommend diarrhea depressant medication such as loperamide. These drugs can have adverse effects for children.

Other treatments:Baby's_Only_LactoRelief_Toddler_Formula_-_Powder_-_12.7_oz_-_6_pk
Babies who have had diarrhea for a long time, may benefit from lactose milk while they’re recovering. Lactose free milk may be easier to digest for babies who have had diarrhea. It’s lacks research on this, but it is better than standard powder milk. Lactose free milk should not be given to children with known allergies to cow’s milk proteins. Ask your pharmacist about the formula that suits your child.

Most children who have diarrhea, gets better within one week. They can usually be treated at home. Contact your doctor if your child shows signs of dehydration, malaise, blood in the stool or get more than 38.5 Celsius fever. If the child starts to become dehydrated, you may need hospitalization for fluid management and monitoring. Most children recover quickly with early treatment.

My Baby Won’t Sleep…

I believe the majority of parents will reconize the sleeping problem with babies. Under this period you will suffer lack of sleep and it may wear you out. But there is some method that you could try.











Try these method:On_Becoming_Baby_Wise__Giving_Your_Infant_the_GIFT_of_Nighttime_Sleep

  1. Before sleep, feed your baby with food that is rich on fiber, it will last longer. That may help the baby to sleep longer.
  2. Dim the light and just whispering: Good night! Sweet Dreams… Repeat this often, the baby will understand that it is time for sleep.
  3. Let the baby play and use alots of energy in daytime.
  4. Read a good night book.
  5. It is possible to let the baby fall asleep on her/his own from between 6 weeks and 8 weeks.
  6. Sing a lullaby or several.
  7. Craddle
  8. Give her/him a favourite toy or blanket to sleep with.
  9. Babies loves routines. Take advance and set a bedtime routine.
  10. Lay down in bed with your baby and just do nothing. Lights must be out, you can use a night lamp though, and be quiet. The baby will fall asleep on it own eventually.

I’m sure it is many many other ways to try. If you have one or more method please feel free to leave a comment, it will help others who’s struggling with this issue.

Thank you so much for visiting my website and for reading. If you have any questions, please don’t hestitate, leave a comment. I will answer you as soon as possible.


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    1. Hi Linn,

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  14. This is a very nice site. I think that the clothes are adorable at an acceptable price. I have just given birth to a daughter whom I will buy clothes from here.

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  16. Hi, I have a 21-month baby girl (the one in picture with me =D). For her clothing, I love to go for clearance section in budget store. I don’t really care whether the design is new trend or such, so clearance is the way to go, and it really saves a lot of money. Watching for online deal is another possible way though, but I haven’t tried it personally.
    For the food, I often refers to wholesomebabyfood website. It’s an amazing sites packed with information and recipes.

    1. Hi Rina,

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